Ha H. Mai   10/5/2017: Who knows?

1/1/2016: Now what?

1/1/2015: I can't wait for 2016.

1/1/2014: I can't wait for 2015.

10/15/2013: When you're young, you're so dumb.

6/16/2013: I love pizza so much.

5/20/2013: Whenever I ride my bike, tiny red-ish / orangey bugs cling onto my forearms and bite me.

5/17/2013: I'm craving lobster.

5/3/2013: Music enhances after heartbreak.

5/2/2013: I have questions.

4/28/2013: Today is not too bad.

3/2/2013: What kind of world did you grow up in?

2/2/2013: Silence is a burden to me.

1/23/2013: Today I was bored for approximately 6 minutes and 28 seconds.

1/2/2013: Django Unchained was a good movie.

6/20/2012: You were meant for an even greater purpose.

6/19/2012: Stop being naive.

6/18/2012: Remember, money isn't everything.

6/14/2012: Take a walk.

6/13/2012: Remember to drink plenty of water.

6/10/2012: Every day is new.


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